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History of Cluckster Wild West Grill


There's no hearier way to cook meat than grilling it. As far back as the beginning of humankind, our ancestors found it so satisfying to roast meat over a fire. it wasn't uncommon for food to be cooked over a fire from the end of a stick! The smokiness of a flame-grilled meal is an unmistakable taste! Western America in the 1800s was no exception and the most popular delicacy of its time was flame-roasted meat, producing a tender, flame-grilled taste that drove the country wild. Texas, Kansas, Colorado, the taste of flame-grilled meat was famous everyhing.

But everyhing changed forever when the supply of ready meat dwindled due to the excess demand. Too many people wanted meat over poultry, and there wasn't enough for everyone. They had to find an alternative

The famous shortage of meats increased the popularity of chicken. Those who've mastered the subtle art of successfully cooking chicken were known as a 'Cluckster'- The term was worn as a badge of pride for a person who's captured the taste and texure of flame-grilled chicken. No one was better at cooking chicken than a Cluckster.

Our Mission

Much like the classic Cluckster in days of old, we wear the name with pride, carrying on the traditional, timeless flavours of open flame-grilled chicken done right. By recreating this fantastic taste, we preserve the memories of the western frontier and its love for freshly cooked meat.

We strive to create incredible flame-grilled meals that taste as good as they look. We mix and match unusual combinations so that every scoop that we serve meets your highest meal expectations

Cluckster Wild West Grill's Mission